apples with measuring tape
Building a Healthy Relationship with Food
Published 2/3/2020 in EatWell
In a perfect world, we would eat in harmony with... read more ❯
small step
ONE Step at a Time
Published 12/20/2019 in EatWell
Eating healthy and exercising are good for your overall health... read more ❯
Plant-based bowl from CAVA.
UCLA Tackling Sustainability Goals Through Plant-Forward Menus
Published 11/20/2019 in EatWell
If you’ve lived or worked on the Hill, you’ve likely... read more ❯
Students prepare a meal at the teaching kitchen.
Permanent On-Campus Teaching Kitchen to Open this Fall!
Published 10/2/2019 in EatWell
For the past few years, UCLA has hosted Teaching Kitchen... read more ❯
9 "Health-Washed" Foods and How to Spot Them
Published 7/5/2019 in EatWell
Processed sugar--known nemesis to good health-- hides itself under almost... read more ❯
A chat with the garden coordinators on the Urban Gardening Certificate Program
Published 5/15/2019 in EatWell
To better understanding the motivation behind the Urban Gardening Certificate... read more ❯
The Urban Gardening Certificate Program: Another Way to Get Involved with the Garden!
Published 5/4/2019 in EatWell
In a recent survey of participants at the jane b... read more ❯
healthy vending
The Road to Healthy Vending at UCLA
Published 4/3/2019 in EatWell
Have you noticed a transition in the snacks and beverages... read more ❯
grapes in sun
Did You Know: Versatile Grapes
Published 1/16/2019 in EatWell
As we ring in the New Year, I can’t help... read more ❯
Graduate Students at the Forefront of Veteran Food Security
Published 1/16/2019 in EatWell
“We truly need to integrate agriculture into our urban systems... read more ❯
Did you know: Ginger, A Spice for the Season
Published 12/13/2018 in EatWell
Given we are now in December and looking forward to... read more ❯
BPlate 1
Bruin Plate Dining in the Comfort of your own Home
Published 10/31/2018 in EatWell
Any person who eats at Bruin Plate for the first... read more ❯
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