The Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center at UCLA

UCLA’s Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center, envisioned and supported by Jane and Terry Semel, prioritizes the health and wellness of students, faculty, and staff. It is a campuswide effort to draw upon UCLA’s world renowned research and teaching, to find new and innovative ways to promote living well on campus, and to share that education and research with other communities, both locally and beyond. Since its inception, Semel HCI Center has acted as a sparkplug and home for health-related work, helping to leverage the strengths of individuals and institutions on and off campus. Semel HCI Center promotes the “healthy choice as the easy choice” through its seven major thematic areas, called pods: BEWell, BreatheWell, EatWell, EngageWell, MindWell, MoveWell, and ResearchWell.