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Hello, my name is Dr. Wendy Slusser and here at the Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center at UCLA we strive to be trailblazers in building a culture of health and well-being. Starting in our own backyard, Semel HCI transforms ideas into reality to create a campus-wide culture of health by promoting physical, emotional and social well-being. Welcome to our center’s podcast, LiveWell! 

Join us as we interview leading experts and discover new perspectives on health and wellbeing. Each episode, we will bring to you scientists and world-class operators who will share with you cutting-edge research and practices, and never-before broadcasted tips to live a more healthful life for yourself, community and our planet.

Special Series: 6-feet apart

In just a short time, our lives have changed dramatically. COVID-19 has challenged us all in different ways to cope, adapt, and grow. In this special series of the LiveWell podcast, we will be interviewing leaders around the world about how we can transition into this new way of life while maintaining all dimensions of our health. We hope that by tuning in, you will feel more empowered with the knowledge and resources to face these uncertain times.


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