• Staff Positions

    The application for undergraduate staff positions for 2019-2020 is closed. Please sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on our website for future opportunities. For any questions, please feel free to contact us at

  • Pod Meetings

    All campus community members are welcome to attend our pod meetings. See a list of upcoming pod meetings are here.

  • Student Grants Program

    Submit an application to our Student Grants Program

    • Semel HCI seeks to fund high quality, replicable, and sustainable projects that will help to make UCLA a healthier community.
    • Only SOLE-registered student groups may apply.
    • Applications are accepted during fall quarter only.
  • Semel HCI Center Events Calendar

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    • Planning a health/wellbeing event on campus? Fill out this form to have it added to our Events calendar.
  • Take a class!

    Check out the “Courses” section of each pod page to find a class in one of our focus areas.

  • Fellowship Opportunities

    • UC Office of the President Global Food Initiative
      • The UC President’s Global Food Initiative Student Fellowship Program funds student-generated research, related projects or internships that focus on food issues.
      • For questions about the GFI Student Fellowship Program, email
    • UC Office of the President Carbon Neutrality Initiative
      • The UC President’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative Student Fellowship Program funds student-generated projects that support the UC system’s goal to produce zero-net greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.
      • For questions about the CNI Student Fellowship Program, email
    • UC Smoke and Tobacco Free Initiative
      • In support of the University of California’s commitment to a smoke and tobacco free UC and its critical role in developing research, public health, and policy solutions for the rapidly evolving “smoking” landscape particularly among youth and young adults, the UC Systemwide Smoke and Tobacco Free Task force offers funding opportunities through their UC Smoke and Tobacco Free Student Fellowships.
    • The UCLA Public Health Scholars Training Program
      • This fellowship provides undergraduate students the opportunity to address health disparities and explore the field of public health through hands-on training, structured workshops, group excursions, and leadership and professional development. The program offers scholars the opportunity to train at UCLA, to explore public health in one of the most diverse counties in the US, and to experience the city’s vibrant culture. We work with community-based organizations, health systems, and government agencies to offer field placement opportunities for scholars that focus on health equity.  Scholars are placed at these partnering organizations throughout Los Angeles where they are exposed to the spectrum of public health practice and provided with professional mentors. To supplement field work, scholars attend workshops, develop leadership and professional skills, and receive mentoring from graduate students and faculty. Scholars become a part of a motivated community invested in creating healthy futures for all. The application deadline is April 15, 2019.
    • National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement Fellows Program
      • The University of California National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement invites applications for the 2019-2020 Fellows Program. The Fellows Program supports scholars, practitioners, students and professionals whose work raises, engages with, and/or addresses questions of free speech and civic engagement on college campuses and beyond. The Center is open to a wide and diverse range of projects including but not limited to traditional academic research. We are especially interested in projects that will have an impact by fostering and sustaining conversations and engagement across and within campus constituencies, as well as furthering the national conversation about free speech in American higher education.
  • Semel HCI Center Living Well Coalition

    Apply to join the Semel HCI Center Living Well Coalition!

    • The Semel HCI Center Living Well Coalition is an emerging partnership between the Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center and key undergraduate stakeholders on campus. The goal of this collective is to create a partnership and network to share, discuss, and elevate health narratives on UCLA’s campus. Semel HCI Center is committed to making UCLA the healthiest campus in the country and we need your help to do it.
      • Responsibilities include:
        •     Attending a monthly meeting, held on campus in the evening
        •     Writing one blog post per quarter on an Semel HCI Center-focused topic relevant to your represented organization to be posted on our HCI Blog
        •     Sharing your organization’s health-related programming with the Semel HCI Center Coalition and promote Semel HCI Center programming with your own organization
      • Benefits include:
        •     Quarterly stipend, if all responsibilities are met
        •     Access to Semel HCI Center’s network of resources such as funding opportunities, research, and best practices
        •     Opportunities to share and elevate your organization’s health narratives and concerns with a wider campus audience
      • If you are interested in participating in the new and exciting Living Well Coalition, please fill out this form.
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