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The stranger within: Connecting with our future selves
Published 4/14/2015 in MindWell
By Cynthia Lee While we routinely make sacrifices for the people... read more ❯
Discover Dig at UCLA
Published 11/25/2014 in EatWell
By: Ian Davies, 4th-year Undergraduate at UCLA studying Environmental Science... read more ❯
Did you see that story on the news last night?
Published 11/3/2014 in MindWell
By: Doug Barrera, Ph.D., Assistant Director, UCLA Center for Community... read more ❯
“What is an artists’ book, exactly?”
Published 6/1/2014 in MindWell
By: Robert Gore,  Visual Arts Librarian and curator of the... read more ❯
‘Cinemeducation’ - Mental Illness and the Movies
Published 4/8/2014 in MindWell
By: David Taylor, MD Would you agree that movies reflect society’s... read more ❯
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Turn Your Assumptions Around about Left Brain & Right Brain
Published 3/12/2014 in MindWell
About the Author: Scott Barry Kaufman is a cognitive psychologist investigating... read more ❯
How do physicians get through the tough times?
Published 1/17/2014 in MindWell
By: Karen Miotto, Professor of Psychiatry in the Semel Institute... read more ❯
Enlightened?—How can we all achieve well-roundedness and find contentment?
Published 11/13/2013 in MindWell
By Maxwell James In the last three years I’ve spent at... read more ❯
Using Your iPhone to Improve Your Eating Habits and Live Healthier
Published 10/8/2013 in EatWell
Life at UCLA can be demanding- between classes, friends, homework,... read more ❯
Published 9/18/2013 in MindWell
Do you want to win the lottery? Chances are, you... read more ❯
Use of Mindful Exercise to Promote Wellbeing
Published 8/17/2013 in MindWell
There is currently extensive use of complementary and alternative medicine... read more ❯
Picture This: Healing Trauma through Art
Published 7/16/2013 in MindWell
The creative arts therapies are uniquely effective in the treatment... read more ❯