Goals and Strategies

Goals & Strategies


  • Support the enhancement and expansion of current health and well-being efforts;
  • Offer new and interesting approaches to exercise, mental health, and eating well;
  • Encourages the creation of new projects, academic programs, policies, and a healthy built environment;
  • Foster synergies and coordination among the myriad groups and programs that support and educate about well-being at UCLA; and
  • Provide students, faculty, and staff with fun and exciting ways that make it easy to live well.

Strategies for the 2017-2018 Academic year:

  • Strengthen our communications and branding. We will build our presence and messaging via in-person communications, print/digital/video media, our website, and social media activities. Specifically, we plan to redesign our Semel HCI Center website to be functional on smartphones and accessible to all students, participate in TEDxUCLA salons, write papers for peer-reviewed journals, write a book to be published by Island Press, explore and produce films with Metta World Peace, and increase our presence at professional meetings where we can present on Semel HCI Center’s work and mission.
  • Build Semel HCI Center’s role in campus leadership. We will lead a summit to explore the challenges and opportunities for faculty to collaborate with for-profit institutions; develop our capacity to be a resource for Proposition 64 evaluation, education, and research; expand our work by launching “EngageWell,” a new pod focused on social wellbeing; and share lessons learned to support other campuses as the UC-wide Healthy Campus Network develops.
  • Enhance our research and evaluation. We will expand strategic alliances with Semel HCI Center pod leaders and stakeholders, such as collaborating with UCLA SAIRO to mine existing data collected routinely around student food insecurity, complete the development of the Semel HCI Center Dashboard aimed to illustrate data routinely collected on campus in a meaningful way, mentor GFI student fellows’ projects, continue to routinely evaluate Semel HCI Center activities, and participate in the evaluation of a Healthy Campus Network systemwide UC project.
  • Support healthful operations. We will provide support and help to evaluate increasing expansion of the StairWell project, the Bruin Bike Share program, innovation in our dining halls, expansion of healthy vending practices, and the expansion of water refilling stations on campus.
  • Help Semel HCI Center Food Initiative activities mature on campus. We will continue to increase course offerings for the Food Studies Minor; explore the maturing of the Food Studies Graduate Certificate into a degree program; submit a paper on the outcomes of the food literacy work group; identify permanent spaces on campus for a Teaching Kitchen; and pilot the adoption process of the raised beds in the jane b. semel HCI Community Garden by student, faculty, and staff groups.
  • Build the Mind-Body Initiative. We will emphasize the expansion of the Life Skills course, with a goal of 15% or more of undergraduate students to take the course (suggested as the tipping point for impacting the culture of a campus by Dr. Darlene Mininni); and create a campus map of mental and emotional well-being resources so there is a one-stop-shop for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Expand service activities both on and off campus. We will continue to implement the plan to ameliorate students’ lack of steady access to healthy food; pilot an innovative and sustainable employee well-being initiative through, for instance, leadership training; and explore the intersection of human resources, insurance plans, and Semel HCI Center in working on a culture of social, physical, and emotional well-being; support student mind-body health efforts on campus; and provide seed grants for student-, faculty-, and staff-initiated projects.

What Does Live Well Mean for You?

The creation of the Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center at UCLA indicates the determination of UCLA’s leadership to make health and well-being a core value of the institution. UCLA is a beautiful, complex, and highly diverse community— the elements of what we create here can be useful in building healthy communities beyond our own campus. But it all begins with you!

Make a personal commitment to wellness, share your ideas, and get involved. Let’s LiveWell, together!