Goals and Strategies

Goals & Strategies


  • Support the enhancement and expansion of current health and well-being efforts;
  • Offer new and interesting approaches to exercise, mental health, and eating well;
  • Encourages the creation of new projects, academic programs, policies, and a healthy built environment;
  • Foster synergies and coordination among the myriad groups and programs that support and educate about well-being at UCLA; and
  • Provide students, faculty, and staff with fun and exciting ways that make it easy to live well.

What Does Live Well Mean for You?

The creation of the Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center at UCLA indicates the determination of UCLA’s leadership to make health and well-being a core value of the institution. UCLA is a beautiful, complex, and highly diverse community— the elements of what we create here can be useful in building healthy communities beyond our own campus. But it all begins with you!

Make a personal commitment to wellness, share your ideas, and get involved. Let’s LiveWell, together!