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Mental Health Literacy: Anxiety
Published 2/23/2020 in MindWell
1 in 3 college students report experiencing a diagnosable mental... read more ❯
A painter covers a canvas with red paint and a blue flower.
Do I Need a Hobby?
Published 12/5/2019 in MindWell
When you hear the word “hobby”, what do you think... read more ❯
Hike in Santa Monica Mountains
Want Free Therapy? Try Nature
Published 11/7/2019 in MindWell
We know intuitively that getting outside is good for us.... read more ❯
The Clinical Corner: How cancer affects mental wellbeing in patients
Published 6/7/2019 in MindWell
Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be the single most terrifying... read more ❯
The Roots of Eudaimonia: An Interview with Joseph Raho
The Roots of Eudaimonia: An Interview with Dr. Joseph Raho
Published 4/3/2019 in MindWell
UCLA is holding their third annual Eudaimonia awards on April... read more ❯
Resilience on the RISE
Published 2/21/2019 in MindWell
Resilience (noun) re·​sil·​ience | \ ri-ˈzil-yən(t)s ​1)​ The capability of a strained... read more ❯
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Healthy Minds and Healthy Hearts: An Interview with Kimberly Uehisa
Published 2/13/2019 in MindWell
While heart health is often overlooked by younger generations, the... read more ❯
Slime During Grind Time
Published 12/14/2018 in MindWell
On Friday, December 7th, members of the MindWell pod in... read more ❯
Taking a STAND for Mental Health at UCLA
Published 11/1/2018 in MindWell
The Depression Grand Challenge​ has taken many strides towards reaching... read more ❯
Meet Anusha Sadda, CAPS Student Advisory Board Member
Published 6/5/2018 in MindWell
Many people know about Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at... read more ❯
Yoga in the Community: Meet Carina Marcellas and Yoga for Flexible Futures!
Published 6/5/2018 in MindWell
The Healthy Campus Initiative funds a plethora of research and... read more ❯
MindWell Megie
It’s Yanni, okay? How an internet divide reflects the need for cultural introspection
Published 6/4/2018 in MindWell
How can we become more aware of ourselves while holding... read more ❯
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