Cooking with Apicius: A Mediterranean Kitchen in Westwood
Published 6/13/2018 in EatWell
The trans-disciplinary course Food and Medicine in Antiquity, taught by Alain... read more ❯
Meet Anusha Sadda, CAPS Student Advisory Board Member
Published 6/5/2018 in MindWell
Many people know about Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at... read more ❯
Yoga in the Community: Meet Carina Marcellas and Yoga for Flexible Futures!
Published 6/5/2018 in MindWell
The Healthy Campus Initiative funds a plethora of research and... read more ❯
MindWell Megie
It’s Yanni, okay? How an internet divide reflects the need for cultural introspection
Published 6/4/2018 in MindWell
How can we become more aware of ourselves while holding... read more ❯
3 Easy Steps to Getting a HCI Student Grant
Published 6/4/2018 in ResearchWell
Does your UCLA student organization share the same goals as... read more ❯
How to get involved in creating healthier neighborhoods
Published 5/29/2018 in BEWell
A transformation is underway in Los Angeles. People are lifting... read more ❯
Scuba Pic (Day of Car Accident 2013)
Eudaimonia Society Spotlight: Ryan Arroyo
Published 5/29/2018 in MoveWell
Eudaimonia is defined as: a sustained form of wellbeing that... read more ❯
Together We Thrive
Published 5/3/2018 in LiveWell
Imagine a future where your doctor prescribed you to engage... read more ❯
Eudaimonia Society 2018 Banner
Eudaimonia Honoree Spotlight: Peter Whybrow
Published 4/24/2018 in MindWell
For the second year in a row, the Healthy Campus... read more ❯
Madison Feldman
Eudaimonia Society Spotlight: Madison Feldman
Published 4/23/2018 in MindWell
Madison Feldman is a third-year undergraduate student at UCLA studying... read more ❯
Eudaimonia Award Winner Louis Tse
Eudaimonia Award Winner Spotlight: Louis Tse
Published 4/20/2018 in MindWell
Aristotle distinguished hedonia, the brief, fleeting happiness derived from immediate... read more ❯
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ThursYAYs: Get Ready to Start Moving in South Campus!
Published 4/5/2018 in MoveWell
Hello my Bruin Movers and Shakers! I hope you are... read more ❯
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