man smoking a cigarette with mask on his chin
What Are the Effects of Smoking and Vaping on COVID-19?
Published 6/7/2021 in BreatheWell
As one of the most preventable causes of death, smoking... read more ❯
hygge pic
Hygge in Quarantine
Published 4/15/2021 in MindWell
In early winter of 2020, I purchased Meik Wiking’s The... read more ❯
Court of Sciences Student Center – from UCLA Newsroom
Social Support: A Connection with Others
Published 3/18/2021 in EngageWell
Navigating the world around us is hard, especially since we’ve... read more ❯
Screenshot 2021-03-08 105846
The History of Cookbooks and Where We Are Today
Published 3/8/2021 in EatWell
Almost every home I visit hosts an eclectic mix of... read more ❯
Changes to Our Public Space
Published 2/10/2021 in BEWell
Even with all the uncertainties in the world right now,... read more ❯
EngageWell Blog Post, February 2021 – Jessica Nunez
Healthy Engagements: Giving during the Pandemic
Published 2/9/2021 in EngageWell
As we start a new year, we continue living in... read more ❯
The Language of our Food System: Food Apartheid and Food Sovereignty
Published 2/2/2021 in EatWell
You’ve probably heard of food deserts. A lot of folks... read more ❯
Screenshot 2021-01-21 203131
Adults need Play, too?
Published 1/21/2021 in MoveWell
Hello, Bruin family and friends! I hope everyone enjoyed the... read more ❯
Screenshot 2021-01-11 132920
Cultivating Equanimity
Published 1/11/2021 in MindWell
It is no secret 2020 was a turbulent year for... read more ❯
Need Fitness Motivation? Check Out UCLA Recreation’s Train Like a Bruin Program
Published 1/3/2021 in MoveWell
Currently, limited access to gyms has made it difficult to... read more ❯
cinnamon sticks
EatWell at Home: Spice Things Up
Published 6/29/2020 in EatWell
Maybe you’ve just started going back to restaurants as they’ve... read more ❯
Sunny sky with clouds
Finding Routine amidst Chaos
Published 6/22/2020 in MindWell
If you’re like me, you may have struggled to establish... read more ❯
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