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Rate Your Sleep with the PSQI

Want to know more about your sleep? Rate it the way researchers do!

The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality lndex (PSQI) is a self-rated questionnaire which assesses sleep quality and disturbances over a months time.  Here is the PSQI, the correct scoring algorithm, the original article, and the scoring database.

"Sleeping" by Pedro Ribeiro Simões. is licensed by under CC BY 2.0

Buysse,D.J., Reynolds,C.F., Monk,T.H., Berman,S.R., & Kupfer,D.J. (1989). The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI): A new instrument for psychiatric research and practice. Psychiatry Research, 28(2), 193-213. The detailed scoring instructions are at the end of this journal article

Sleep Hygiene Fact Sheet

Check out recommended sleep practices with this simple sleep hygiene fact sheet, co-created by UCLA Mind Well and Dr. Alon Avidan, Professor of Neurology at UCLA and Director of both the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center and UCLA Neurology Clinic. 

Promote better quality sleep by practicing good sleep hygiene!