Nap Map at UCLA

UCLA Interactive Campus Map – Click on “Layers” and select “Nap Map” The Nap Map layer includes locations where you might nap on campus, throughout the year. We also identified places where you can use lockers to lock up your belongings nearby – so you may nap soundly without the worry that your stuff might get “napped”.

Ideally we would get enough sleep at night that we would not feel tired during the day.  Recognizing that this can be a challenge, UCLA Mind Well  has created a map of possible nap spaces on campus and their pros & cons.

Get a printable Nap Map here.

Rent an inflatable hammock or blanket from the Student Activities Center and rest and relax on UCLA's campus!

"Woman sleeping with Jane Austen" by Timothy Krause  is licensed under CC BY 2.0

"Man Sleeping" by Timothy Krause is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Napping Considerations

Did you know that taking naps lasting longer than 45 minutes to an hour do more harm than good? Listen to what Dr. David Baron, Executive Director of the Ashe Center, has to say about about the intended purpose of the napping program, the proper measures for effective sleep hygiene, taking “nap tests” to determine our individual napping needs and how caffeine and alcohol can affect our sleep cycles.

"Falling to sleep" by Shena Tschofen is licensed under CC BY 2.0