UCLA Bicycling Community and Resources:

 >UCLA Cycling Club: aims to advance competitive cycling at the local and national levels.

>UCLA Bike Coalition: unites the diverse bicycling community of students, staff, and faculty in order to make UCLA and the surrounding areas better places to ride.

>UCLA Bike Shop: offers bicycling safety classes, bike rentals, and do-it-yourself and a fee-for-service workshop open to the UCLA community.

>UCLA Bike Map: includes bike routes, racks, repair stands, pumps, showers, lockers, and more.

>Cyclist's Corner: Bike routes to UCLA and other key bike resources from UCLA Transportation.

>UCLA Strathmore Bike Counter: LA's first bike counter is located on Strathmore Place (just west of Westwood Plaza near Parking Structure 8). Ride on the green painted lane to get counted!

>UCLA Bicycle Master Plan Implementation Report 2013: this detailed report gives an update of the extensive bicycle progress that has occurred since the original 2006 Bicycle Master Plan with the mission to improve cycling conditions and promote the bicycle as a transportation mode. 

Learn about bicycle rules and safety on and around campus:

>UCPD Bike Safety 
>UCLA Bike Safety Regulations 

LADOT Bike Blog:

Read the blog to get a look into the operations, motivations, rationale, and people of the LADOT Bike Program to dialogue with the bicycle community over how to make LA and great place to ride.

Bike Trip Planning and Mapping Tools:

Helps anyone find and track routes throughout the LA area and connect with fellow cyclists.
>Map My Ride
>Ride with GPS
>Ride the City

Bicycle Repair Collectives:
Non-for-profit, volunteer-run organizations that provide space, tools, and equipment to teach people how to build, repair, and maintain their bicycles in L.A. 
>Bike Oven
>Bicycle Kitchen
>Valley Bikery