Arts for Wellness

Arts & Mind-Body Wellness

UCLA Arts and Healing: See how the arts are being used for mind-body wellness and empowerment in the community, the scientific literature, and more.

Art in Action: free art-making activities, workshops, lectures, master classes, films, symposia and collaborations with other cultural organizations. 

UCLA Recreation Instructional Classes include an extensive lineup of arts and dance programs.

UCLA Art & Global Health CenterConnect with a global network of artists and advocates working in the realm of public health. 

UCLA Art/SciUCLA Art + Science Center + Lab


Hammer Museum: The Hammer has a mix of permanent galleries and temporary installations and offers free admission for everyone.  

Fowler Museum: investigate past and present global arts and cultures at the Fowler Museum through its online publications, collections, research, and more. 

Seasonal Guide to the Arts at UCLA: Your guide to UCLA Arts. 


UCLA Melnitz Movies: Free movie screenings at the James Bridges Theater, Melnitz Hall 1409 on the UCLA campus. 

Instructional Media Collections and Services (Office of Instructional Development)Video collection funded for instructional on-campus use. Though holdings are also listed in the UCLA Library Catalog, users can double-check the separate IMCS catalog available from the website. Students must use IMCS videos on site.

UCLA Film and Television ArchiveThe UCLA Film and Television Archive has research copies of many titles, with particular strength in Hollywood film. The catalog is also distinct, and can be accessed via the Archive's homepage.


UCLA Ethnomusicology ArchiveHouses thousands of sound and audiovisual recordings, including moving images.

UCLA Music Department: Jazz up your life with upcoming music events. Check out UCLA Ethnomusicology events too.


Arts LibraryThe Arts Library has more than 300,000 books in the fields of architecture, architectural history, art, art history, design, film, television, photography as art, theater, and allied disciplines.


Campus Events CommissionSince 1965 Campus Events Commission (CEC) has been one of the largest purveyors of campus entertainment. Since its inception, it has acquired a reputation for its edgy style of advertising and controversial events.  CEC has been responsible for hosting the Jack Benny and Spencer Tracy Award shows, and for holding the renowned Shorttakes Student Film Festival.

Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA: Contemporary performing arts in all disciplines.  

Artist Lecture Series from UCLA Arts and Architecture and Exhibition schedule.  Subscribe to UCLA Arts and Architecture e-blast.